Final Thesis (BA)

/ MAY 2011


format 125 × 205 mm | 88 pages | hand bound

Saramago Reconstructed is my Final Thesis (BA)
for the Lahti Institute of Design.

Saramago Reconstructed
is a visual essay on the relationship between language and type.
The research explores rhythm in written language in the novel Blindness by José Saramago. It compares original Portugese with English and Finnish translations of the novel documenting the process by means of information aesthetics.

The end product is a model for visualizing language.
A computer code transforms the letters of the written language into animated representations in a video format.

Download full PDF (only in finnish)
Watch animation in Vimeo

You can follow how the work evolved in my visual diary here:

Book photographs by Cian Brennan






Screen shot from animation 

Screen shot from animation