Cycle installation

/ 2013

Cycle is an interactive installation about different factors and stakeholders stalling a process. The idea is to visualize the problems in a tangible form, bringing human factor into the processes by inviting the (exhibition) viewer to participate and interrupt<>release the water flow. Each step represents a different problem and by switching the “point of view” the user is effectively resolving a problem and abling the next stage of the process to develop.

Once all stages have been resolved, the continuous flow is turning the wheel into motion; thus releasing and harnessing the power of water to create energy.

In this installation, the perpetual flow of water represents the natural flow of water supporting life. It can also be interpreted as a commentary for green energy, and of the people as part of a process.

Cycle has been created together with Juri Karinen

Exhibition history:

Elävää taidetta Häme!
Riihimäki Art Museum
Riihimäki, Finland
12 October 2013 – 19 January 2014

Art meets science
Lahti, Finland
19 June – 25 July 2013

Installation was aquired by Lahti Aqua collection

Photo: Juha Tanhua